At The Sanctuary, we believe serving is a vital part of the day to day Christian faith. Volunteering makes a difference!

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At The Sanctuary, we are “Presence Driven!” We are passionate about worshipping God. You will experience people clapping or raising their hands in worship. We have “altar calls” to encounter and experience God. A high point of every gathering is getting into the presence of God during times of meaningful and powerful worship. Our worship team has opportunities to serve through praise and worship, choir singing and drama. We invite you to join us today!

Growth Groups

Growth Groups are not just “classes” or “social clubs”. The purpose of Growth Groups are to help us grow spiritually, make new friendships and grow relationally. Growth Groups are a place where a group of people “experience life together.” Growth Groups is the ACTS 2 Church in Action (Acts 2:42), focusing on Teaching, Fellowship, Breaking of Bread, Prayer and Care/Service to one another. There are a variety of groups to choose from, depending upon your interests, location and season. Attend Growth Track 101, to find a group that is right for you or to serve as a hostess or leader of a group!


The Outreach Team focuses on reaching people! We reach out to people of every age and life stage. We want to embody the Great Commission by being the “salt & light” that God has destined us to be. Our Outreach Team also offers Christ’s compassion and care during visits to the hospital, nursing homes and those who are shut-in. Our R.O.C.C. (Reaching Out with Christ’s Compassion) groups reach out to our community: ROCC Breakfast (serves a hot breakfast the 3rd Saturday of each month), ROCC To Go (distributes food boxes the 3rd Saturday of each month), ROCC in the Park (serves a hot lunch to the homeless and those in need), ROCC Pantry (distributes food provisions and prayer every Thursday), ROCC to School (distributes food boxes directly to schools in DeLand).


The Connection Team provides love, acceptance, friendliness and the compassion of Christ to, not only our guests, but to everyone who calls The Sanctuary home. Our goal is to assist people as they take their “next step” in fellowship, spiritual growth and serving. Pastor’s Breakfast and Growth Tract will guide you through this process. The Connection Team is your personal liaison as you connect with a growth group or ministry team. Areas to serve on the Connection Team are: Pastor’s Breakfast, Growth Track, Follow Up: follow up is all about reaching out to our visitors, iCARE Support: this group assists during service and with entry of prayer requests and praise reports. We are serious about one-on-one caring of those who call The Sanctuary home!

Kids & Students

Ignite Students – We are committed to raising a generation of individuals who are committed to Christ, standing on His truth and not afraid to face adversity while proclaiming that truth to a lost and dying world. We are bold, we are passionate, and we are the next generation. We are looking for volunteers of all commitment levels for Leadership positions, trip & fundraiser sponsors and just hang out with the kids on event nights.

Kids – Children’s Church is a high-energy Sunday experience that engages elementary age children in a fun-filled, truth-driven community. We Are Obedient to the responsibility we have as a church to equip the next generation spiritually. We Are Servants who are passionate about our responsibility as expressed in the great commission to make disciples. We want to see all children know God, grow closer to Him, and serve Him.


The Creative Team is our answer to the Great Challenge! In a society that loves “reality TV,” and insists on relevance, the church must not be an exception. God is creative. The vision of the creative team is to innovatively communicate the greatest story ever told. We want to impact believers and non-believers through excellence in advanced technology and a multi-sensory worship experience. From lighting to making sermons available on the web, we want to create an unforgettable multi-sensory worship experience to bless all who attend. Areas to serve on the Creative Team are: Audio Engineering, Lighting/Special Effects, Photography and Video Production. The team behind the look and sound of The Sanctuary needs you. Interested in sound, TV, camera/video, lighting? Let us know!


VIP exists because we recognize that every person who comes to church has a common need to be accepted. To the visitor, genuine friendliness and an attentive community are important qualities. Guests seem to know immediately if they are in a place of welcome and acceptance. We understand that sometimes people become comfortable in their own routines and with their own acquaintances. We intentionally seek to overcome this for our guests and visitors by creating a warm and inviting place for everyone who enters. We show Christ’s love in the following areas: Guest Point (a place for first-attendees to connect and get information), Coffee Connection, Greeters, Ushers, Parking Lot Attendants and Security.

Would you like more information about how to get involved in serving at The Sanctuary?