Text 2 Give

  1. Add a contact to your contacts such as Give to Sanctuary or Text to Give using the number below.
  2. Text the keyword and amount (ex. Tithe 100 – there must be a space between the keyword and amount) to 844-518-3444. Keywords: tithe, offering and missions. (If only the amount is texted without a keyword, the funds will go to a default category.)
  3. You will receive a text to sign in into your SecureGive account or set up a new one.
  4. After signing in, save a payment method to be used for text giving.
  5. When this is complete, you will receive a text asking to confirm the donation by texting Y.
  6. You will receive a thank you notification via text and by email. The next time you would like to give by text, simply type the keyword and amount and you will receive a request to confirm with Y. After replying, you will receive a confirmation email that your giving was processed.

**Text a question mark “?” to be sent helpful tips or to be sent the link to change/update your saved payment information.

**Text STOP to de-activate text giving from your phone.