Growth Groups

What are Growth Groups?

Growth Groups are not just “classes” or “social clubs”. The purpose of Growth Groups is to help us grow spiritually, make new friendships and grow relationally.

Growth Groups are a place where a group of people “experience life together.” Growth Groups are the ACTS 2 Church in Action (Acts 2:42), focusing on Teaching, Fellowship, Breaking of Bread, Prayer and Care/Service to one another and those in need.

There are a variety of groups to choose from, depending upon your interests, location and season. Contact Heather Omran, or attend Growth Track 101, to find a group that is right for you!

Who are Growth Groups For?

Growth Groups are for EVERYONE! There may be Growth Groups for young married couples, women, men, young adults, retirees, a mixture of different people with different interests, and the list goes on!

When do Growth Groups Meet?

Depending on the group, Growth Groups meet weekly, 2x per month or monthly. The day and time will vary by group as set by each Growth Group Leader (e.g., every other Friday at 10AM Wednesdays at 7PM, etc..).

Where do Growth Groups Meet?

Growth Groups can really meet anywhere! Think your home, cafés, coffee shops, restaurants, at church, in parks, etc!