“Inspiring Change for a Better Life!”

Pastor Mark Schrade says, “You are only one change away from a better life!” As an ordained bishop with over thirty years of experience, Pastors Mark and Delta thrive in fast-paced, high energy, high productivity church environments. He has led congregations from 141 to 1,100 active members and attendees.

Pastor Mark possesses an ability to see things that do not exist and bring life to them. His strong leadership, organizational and interpersonal skills, as well as his ability to communicate God’s vision for your life passionately, causes unprecedented things to happen. He is a national speaker, author, and Personality Insights Master Trainer.

Delta Schrade is a people-oriented administrative professional with experience in co-leading church ministries, projects and growth. Trained as a secondary education English teacher, she has spent several years shaping young lives. A national speaker and author as well, she possesses the rare ability to provide innovative solutions and motivate change. In addition to her work at The Sanctuary, Delta is also currently working as a realtor for Adams, Cameron & Company, out of Daytona Beach.

Pastors Mark & Delta are the proud parents of two outstanding sons, Gabe & Josiah Schrade. Gabe has been awarded a Division I football scholarship at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, and is an Honor Roll student there. Josiah was awarded a track scholarship at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Pastors Mark & Delta wish to extend their warmest greetings to you and your family and friends. They have found this congregation to be an incredibly loving community of faith and they believe you will discover the same!